Senior School

At senior school the young adults hone their academic and extra-curricular skills to prepare for their journey into the world outside the protective environs of the school. Innovative and effective teaching methodologies are used by the teachers with focus on the constantly changing educational pedagogy which enhances academic achievement. Apart from skills and knowledge due attention is also paid to inculcating values which will stand them in good stead in life. Our unique system of instituting a class teacher’s interactive period every morning is used to ensure that our students become sensitive and sensible citizens of the world. We are indeed proud that our senior students not only prove their mettle in the academic arena in India and abroad but also distinguish themselves with their strength of character.

Holiday Homework

Summer Break 2022-2023 Grade IX Grade X Grade XI Grade XII

Monthwise Curriculum Plan

July-September 2022 Grade IX Grade X Grade XI Grade XII
April-May 2022 Grade IX Grade X Grade XI Grade XII