Sanskriti School


The junior, middle and senior school libraries are located centrally in the school to facilitate ease of access. A wide range of books aims to help children rediscover the joy of reading. A very extensive reference section helps students work on multi-dimensional projects.

The goal of the school library is to ensure that all members of the school get an equitable access to books and of course the books are a great inspiration to the students as the library has a great collection of fiction, non – fiction and reference books. The latest collection of reference books for various subjects, supplementing the textbooks is available to the students. Students find information from these collections to do their research and project work.

Library Facilities at a Glance
1. Size of the library : 8611.1 Sq Feet/800 Sq Mts.
2. Number of periodicals : 6
3. Number of Dailies : 6
4. Number of Magazines : 17
5. Number of Reference Books :
Junior School : 12112
Middle school : 6999
Senior School : 7584