Sanskriti School

Learning Center

Learning Centre comprises Junior LC( Classes Nursery to VI) and Senior LC( Classes VII- XII) .Learning Centre has been an integral part of the school since the school’s inception in 1998. It focuses on a holistic curriculum which not only addresses concerns related to academics, socio – emotional , physio – motor , speech and linguistic area but also in developing pre- vocational skills of the child to keep pace with the formal system of education. A team of professionals devises the same, suiting the child’s needs and ability to absorb and apply the information meted out to him/her. The junior and senior school learning centres persevere continuously so as to allow these gifted children to overcome challenges. Along with guiding them in their academics, they are also groomed in another quintessential aspect, which is imbibing the values of a good Sanskritian, and in turn a good samaritian. This combination allows them to simultaneously excel in academics and co-curricular fields, which render them capable of fulfilling their goals.

The centre provides training mainly through three mediums:
  1. Training students on CBSE patterns with exemptions
  2. National Open School (NIOS Board)
  3. Business Related Skills (Non academic, Functional curriculum with Pre- vocational skills)

Other Learning Center work areas include:

  1. Remediation of the students from the mainstream who have undergone a formal diagnosis of Learning disability. They are helped to form a conceptual understanding related to subjects and other issues.
  2. Monitoring such students in their mainstream classes.
  3. Frequent Parent teacher Meeting and counselling.
  4. Enabling the children to reach their optimum level of potential through Individualised Educational Programme which is subject to constant evaluation and revision.

The Centre is child- centric but follows the system of inclusive education which means that the children are part of all the activities of the mainstream school.A team of counsellors, special educators and speech therapist facilitate the working of the Learning Centre.